Here is some scientific explanation of the advantages of your Ezidri Ultra FD1000 dehydrator - especially for preserving the most nutrition available in dehydrated raw foods.

A diet with a high proportion of raw foods can have notable benefits, such as reducing sensations of heaviness or drowsiness after eating, reduction of digestive effects such as the gassy bloating or the roiling intestines of irritable bowel syndrome.  These benefits are the motivation of many people who adjust their diet to include mainly raw food. The most practical way to maintain a modern lifestyle within this dietary restriction is to dehydrate foods for convenience, preservation and portability.

Food preservation to extend the useable life of fresh produce is made practical with the reliable Ezidri.   In all of the history of drying foods, by any technology, intense flavours develop in many types of produce, such as apples, tomatoes, and capsicums as paprika.   Taste concentrates best when processed gently and experience shows that a steady, constant temperature will provide a more reliable preserved food – both achieved when drying with the Ezidri Ultra FD1000. 


Safer Treats: Since Raw Food Fats and Oils are not heated above 45Co, there are no Trans-fats, implicated in many modern diseases.  Cooking de-natures food and raw ingredients are transformed when cooked to be measurably harmful, such as carbon from the grille or saturated fats from cooked unsaturated oils.

Ease Digestion: Digestion is a complex process. It requires biochemical and physical processes to break down ingested substances into their nutritional components. This process is significantly aided by digestive enzymes which exist naturally in living foods such as raw vegetables and fruit.

Satisfying Amounts: Raw Foods are so readily absorbed that you need less food to feel sated.  Naturally occurring fibre is available in the proper proportions, which provides digestive bulk with no excess "empty" calories.  Your Ezidri will provide optimum nutrients within the fibre matrix even when the liquids have been driven off. Foods preserved by the constant-tempered Ezidri air flow system will always measure at the peak of taste and nutritional content.  


We are a culture reliant on scientific research.  The recent global increase in diets emphasizing raw foods has led to a proportionate increase in studies that delve into the science of nutrition and digestion.  These studies are not unfolding because they will create new markets for foods, but because the benefits of the raw diet are so easily reproducible.

Catalysts in Nutrition:  A body functions only as well as foods supply the full range of materials of the body's chemical interactions.  Much of this chemistry has been discovered only recently, revealing the intricate role of catalysts that we call vitamins and enzymes.  Catalysts are essential to accelerate the chemical transformations that a body needs to transform basic foods into complex elements of everyday life.

Vitamins:  Many vitamins are completely destroyed by high temperatures, so the available nutritional values are also ruined during cooking.

Enzymes:Specialist protein catalysts that allow intricate living reactions to flourish. 

"Like all proteins, enzymes are long, linear chains of amino acids that fold to produce a three-dimensional product. Each unique amino acid sequence produces a specific structure, which has unique properties. Individual protein chains may sometimes group together to form a protein complex. Most enzymes can be denatured—that is, unfolded and inactivated—by heating or chemical denaturants, which disrupt the three-dimensional structure of the protein. Depending on the enzyme, denaturation may be reversible or irreversible."  from http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Enzyme]


Enzyme Inhibitors:  All nuts and seeds naturally grow in the new season, and so have a whole bag of tricks to prevent growing before the climate is right.  One of the most effective health benefits results from soaking nuts and seeds, to rinse away the Enzyme Inhibitors and start them sprouting. 

Prove it yourself:  Sprout your favourite seeds or pulses until the root is visible.  Spread them on a tray and run the Ezidri Ultra FD-1000 at 45oC* until they are crispy.  This imitates the lifecycle of seeds exposed to heavy rains followed by days of full sun.  Sprouts from the Ezidri Ultra FD-1000 will revive in water.  If you repeat this test in other dehydrators, especially the square forms, the temperature cannot be so finely regulated so this sprout test will fail.  

The Ezidri Ultra FD-1000 has a consistent temperature setting made easier by the essential round shape that allows natural movements of air.  Tests in square dehydrators have shown that the temperatures vary dramatically, due to the nature of air flow, and the quality of temperature sensors and thermostats.


Dry seeds are not very easy to digest, but sprouts are well-known treasures of nutrition.  With a bit of water at room temperature, grains and seeds use stored starches to grow protein and fibers.  Sprouting reduces the overall carbohydrate proportion, while greatly increasing the protein content.   Those with gluten intolerance or celiac disease often tolerate sprouted barley, wheat or rye.  

Dehydrating Sprouts:  For a highly nutritious and economical treat, the Ezidri dehydrator is ideal for dehydrating sprouts.   Our favourite is buckwheat sprouts, which later are ground into flour, ideal for 'batter' coatings.   Dehydration with such a controlled temperature is a process that assures all ingredients have nearly complete preservation of nutritional values.  This is proven by the ability of the sprouts to grow again after dehydrating in the Ezidri Ultra FD-1000.

"Inhibitors are molecules that decrease enzyme activity;  . . . . . Many drugs and poisons are enzyme inhibitors."  fromhttp://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Enzyme]

Preservation and storage of foods invariably changes flavours and some nutritional values.  Vitamin C is quite delicate.  Since the Ezidri maintains the air flowing at the temperature you set, foods are gently heated with abundant air flow, so there is the minimum of change possible.

“Digestive enzymes help the digestive process to assimilate proteins, carbohydrates and fat. Only 80 enzymes were identified in 1930, but by 1970, scientists counted over 1300 enzymes. By now, over 4000 have been found – and counting. Enzymes have a vital activity factor….and our capacity to make enzymes is limited”


In the way that vegetarian or vegan dishes were nearly unknown offerings in the 20th Century, we predict raw food preparations will make a revolution in world diets for health in the 21st century.    Raw diets have been shown to reverse some cases of diabetes and arthritis.  With the new technology of grinders, processors, blenders and dehydrators suddenly transform "raw diet" into a feasible option for all sorts of different lifestyles.

Zack Domike
Talisman Treats
New Zealand